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A quick look at who we are and what we specialize in.

At Ursus, we help our clients increase investment returns on their real estate loan portfolios. We have created a proprietary methodology for curing title issues utilizing data and analytics, along with a highly trained and knowledgeable workforce. We also provide robust due diligence services for the purchasing of real estate loan portfolios.

We are a nimble, entrepreneurial company who is able to flex with the ever changing mortgage environment. Because of our knowledge, experience and flexibility, we are sought after by clients to provide customized solutions to fix the problems that are impacting their returns today.

Our employees have the opportunity to find creative solutions to complex problems that affect major institutions, as well as entire industries. We provide our employees with an ever-changing, fast-paced work environment that has a healthy balance of work and play.

We Cure Title Issues

Problems with the title to real estate are very common. Some industry experts estimate that as much as 25% of the property in the United States is impacted by title issues.
Problems with the title to a property typically arise due to at least one the following:

  • Death of a party on title
  • Divorce of a party on title
  • Faulty paperwork during or after the closing of a transaction
  • Errors with the surveys on the property

These root causes can lead to further problems that get worse over time.
The title Insurance Industry exists to assess the risk of these types of issues and issue insurance policies to protect owners and lenders against these risks. The title Insurer often cures the title problems upon the transfer of the property. However, if the problem is severe enough that the Title Company will not issue new insurance to a prospective buyer or lender on the property, then someone will need to cure the problem. That is when banks, credit unions, owners, investors, buyers, and sellers would look to us for help.

We Need Your Help

If you have received a call from us or a letter in the mail, then someone has hired us to cure title issue and we need some help from you to do so. It could be that the house you thought you sold 10 years ago still shows you as the record owner because the closing documents got lost on the way to the county records. You would be shocked how often this occurs. It does not mean that you still own the home, it just means there is a cloud on the title to the property that is affecting someone who owns or has an interest in that property.

We know your time is valuable and we do all that we can to make your help to us as easy and convenient as possible.

We know that many of you have frustrations with the way a previous bank or lending institution handled your loan. We know that it is often these same banks and lending institutions that caused or contributed to these title issues we are curing. Please know that we are ordinary people who lived through the financial crisis and have similar frustrations with the banks and lending institutions, as well.

It is important, however, that you help us cure these title issues as quickly and easily as possible. If we cannot resolve them, then the lender or owner will be forced to file a claim with the title insurance company. The title insurance company will then try to fix the issue. If they fail, they will likely file a lawsuit to “quiet title”. By assisting us on the front end, we are hoping to help you avoid years of headache.

We want you to be comfortable talking to us as we know the subject matter can be confusing if you are not working in it everyday. Please know that we welcome you to call your own lawyer or representative and ask them to explain the matter. We are happy to speak to your lawyer or representative if you prefer.

If you have further questions, check out our FAQ page or contact our customer service team directly at (800) 349-1254.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Are you a collection agency?

Answer: We are not a collection agency and we will not ask you for any payments. In fact, clients may authorize us to offer you money as an incentive to help us.

Question: Are you a law firm?

Answer: Although we have attorneys on staff and we work with many law firms, Ursus is not a law firm.

Question: Can I call your client to validate you are a legitimate company?

Answer: Absolutely, just ask your representative to provide you a number to call.

Question: Why is Ursus contacting me instead of the title company that I closed the loan with?

Answer: OMany times we do work with your local title company in fixing the problem. However, often these companies are no longer be in business or changed ownership. Additionally, depending on the type of title problem, they may not be in a position to help.

Question: I am with a new lender… so this has to be a scam.  The loan was service released.

Answer: This is not a scam. We are not seeking money from you. In the mortgage industry, when a mortgage is transferred to a new lender, the old lender is often still responsible for fixing the title problem if they knew about it. The new lender will want this to occur as well because it is the prior lender who is paying for the resolution.

Question: Can URSUS arrange for a notary to come to my home or office so I don’t have to find one?

Answer: Yes, URSUS will make the necessary arrangements for notary services.

Question: Do I need to have my documents notarized?

Answer: When a notary is required, a Notary section will be indicated on the document(s) you are provided. Ursus will also advise you when a notary is required.

Question: Do I have to pay a Notary to notarize the documents?

Answer: No, you will not pay any notary costs out of pocket as URSUS will make the notary arrangements and coordinate payment of notary services directly with the notary.

Question: Can I be reimbursed for the overnight mail service I used to send the package back?

Answer: URSUS will provide prepaid overnight mail service envelopes and shipping labels to you so no out-of-pocket expense on your part is necessary.

Question: If I’m late on my mortgage payment, can URSUS help me get a loan modification?

Answer: URSUS only assists with curing title issues. Please contact your lender for more information on loan modification services.

Question: Will URSUS take my mortgage payment or is URSUS seeking a payment from me?

Answer: No, URSUS does not collect or seek mortgage payments. Please contact your lender directly for payment options.

Question: How long does it take your client to sign and documents?

Answer: Usually less than 30 days.

Question: Why is this issue just coming up?

Answer: Many lenders are undergoing audits of their portfolios and with millions of loans that process takes time. As they find document deficiencies, they hire us to fix them.

Question: Do I need an attorney to handle this?

Answer: You are certainly welcome to consult an attorney and we are happy to discuss the situation with that attorney as well.  We find that the process is easier if another lawyer is involved to help explain the situation.

Question: How long does it take for documents to be recorded?

Answer: That varies greatly by county. Some counties take less than a week, others are many months behind.  If you are concerned about the timing of the recordation, please notify your URSUS representative and we can try to expedite the process or find a solution that helps you.

Question: Does signing documents obligate me to this loan?

Answer: That would greatly depend on what you are signing and your URSUS representative can better explain your particular circumstance. In most instances when we hear this question it is from a prior seller of the property and we need them to execute a new transfer deed as the original one is lost so there is a gap in the chain of title.  This does not obligate the prior seller on the new loan.

Question: What can happen to me if I do not sign?

Answer: That depends on the facts and circumstances of your individual file. If we can’t convince you to help us then the lender will normally file an insurance claim with the title company who was involved with your loan closing. Once an insurance claim is filed, then the clients have little control over what happens and most of the time the insurance company will retain a lawyer to initiate litigation on the issue. The litigation is normally just an attempt to clear up the title problem and get an order from a Court clearing up the issue, but may require you to attend hearings or answer discovery requests. Obviously, our clients do not want their consumers to go through this process so they hire us to try and avoid those circumstances. Our clients would rather take a loss by paying us to fix the issue than have their consumers subject to possible litigation from the insurance companies.

Question: Can I make comments on your website?

Answer: While we do not have a comments section, we welcome you to submit any comments or concerns to Please include your reference number in the subject line. 

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